The Williamsburg Renaissance

The above image is a snippet from the commissioned mural that wraps the lower walls of our building here at N6 Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: a neighborhood somewhere between its sixth and seventh waves of gentrification. 

Amidst the barely-staffed chain pharmacies and fresh rubble of music venues, studios and practice spaces of recent past, it's inspiring to sit here at The Loove with some resources and cultural purchase to imagine what is still possible for music in this City, Nation, World, Celestial Node... what-have-you.

I just started here, after a few years of noting all that is wrong with the cultural industries and the new paradigm in which creative work (via copyright) contains a fractional value compared to a few years ago. At The Loove we are taking note of all that needs fixing, but meanwhile we are also doing the fixing. That's the plan.

Back to the mural snippet, which is out of context but "framed" all the same. It expresses what we aim to be: the passionate fiery core of creativity, spitting out energy that flows into its own rivers of possibility that carve out new lands with new life. All of this, leaning on pillars of commerce, fairness and process. How do you take-in all the chaos of the music industry and re-format it into something coherent and inspiring?

Watch while the story unfolds.



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